Purehomes specialises in building modular houses without compromising style or aesthetic. Some of which is inspired by amazing designs people have created and built on this beautiful earth. In this article we will be having a look at three awesome modular designs handpicked from our favourites. Their distinct features and admirable traits are quite mind blowing when you realise that we, as a team, are striving to create sustainable and high-quality modular homes like these.

Design 1 – Manshausen Island Resort In Norway

(Website URL: https://www.uniqhotels.com/manshausen-island) 

This magnificent home is located in a resort on Manshausen Island. It is owned by a writer and photographer but most outstandingly a polar explorer. The beautiful view as you can expect is captured as the sea gently hits the rocks far above the arctic circle. 

The main attraction to this exceptional pod is indeed the glass walls. They allow you to take in the incredible atmosphere and truly enjoy your experience.

Since this is the case, we have incorporated our own floor to ceiling glass windows into our designs. This allows people to truly show off and admire the beautiful land they own

Design 2 – Alpine 2.1

(Picture from instagram: @denoutdoors)

(Website URL: https://denoutdoors.com/collections/den-cabin-plans-goods/products/small-modern-house)

A small house in the woods on an autumn’s day. What a beautiful place to stay. 

At 920 square feet, this small modular house comes with many features. Tucked inside the 7.3m high walls, contains two bedrooms, a galley kitchen and a large bathroom with access to a soaking tub. 

From the master bedroom upstairs, you can open a gazing window to look upon the beautiful landscape and take a breath of fresh alpine air.  

Design 3 – Island Rest on the English coast 

(Picture from instagram: @stromarchitects⁠ 📸by @huftonandcrow)
(Website URL: https://www.dezeen.com/2020/08/23/island-rest-holiday-home-architecture-isle-of-wight/)

The Island Rest holiday home is a development located in Isle of Wight. A British practice called Strom Architects designed it with a purpose, to be a home away from home. The amazing view from this modular house depicts the Solent, a river stretching 32 kilometres from mainland England and Isle of Wight.  

The low single story design was purposely implemented so as to not diminish the views of the natural landscape. However, due to flooding and safety, the building was placed on the highest point possible. 

All three modular designs are incredibly well built and located in some of the most scenic places in the world. With incredible aesthetic features, these homes give us hope and inspire us to push past the limits of your standard home.    

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