Why Modular Homes Are So Eco Friendly

Purehomes specialises in building modular houses without compromising style or aesthetic. Some of which is inspired by amazing designs people have created and built on this beautiful earth. In this article we will be having a look at three awesome modular designs handpicked from our favourites. Their distinct features and admirable traits are quite mind blowing when you realise that we, as a team, are striving to create sustainable and high-quality modular homes like these.


Much Less Waste 

Reducing the amount of waste produced during the construction of the module is one of the main benefits of modular homes. The modules are built in a factory with predetermined measurements and sizes, thus reducing the amount of wasted materials significantly. 

Modular houses follow strict guidelines during construction, reducing the amount of waste created on-site. Having the materials needed for construction inside the factory instead of on-site reduces the chance of damage, vandalism and theft. 

photo of coconut tree near seashore

Reduced Energy Consumption 

Self-sufficient modular homes can reduce energy consumption by up to 72%. Due to the smaller nature of a modular home and its modern technological features, solar panels and energy storage batteries would be able to majorly decrease the price you would pay for electricity. Energy-efficient lighting is also commonly used in modular houses such as LED’s which consume much less power than your standard light bulb.

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