PURE Studio

Our flagship product developed and designed for accommodation

About us

We are a team of creators, architects, builders and design enthusiasts that have come together to reinvent the process of building a home.


Healthy living made easy.

Every PURE home design is built to be in perfect harmony with its environment, limiting the carbon footprint in our world. From construction to delivery and beyond, every part of our process is designed with way’s to reduce waste and incorporate re-use and recycling.

Our process

PURE allows for 40% reduction in build time and 50% reduction in build costs

Because of our unique modular design process we are able to pre-manufacture a majority of the external structure, saving up to 80% of time working on site. This ultimately reduces waste by 20%, whilst also giving us time to build you a more superior and quality product.

If you choose the standard design of a holiday standalone studio, this can be ready to move in or rent out in as little as 2 months from Start to Finish.

Do you need something smaller than our STUDIO unit?
We’ve got you covered. Discover the MINI!
Starts at $73,000

We have a MINI version of our Pure Studio available now for shipping. (6m x 3m)