Can PURE TEAM manage all facets of the project?

Yes! That’s what we do. We streamlined our process to guarantee our team is doing most of the work for you. We keep you up to date during the development with regular emails and phone calls

How does PURE structure its costing?

Having a simple and transparent cost structure for our clients is really important to us. You will find all the details here.


Do you create custom designs?

Yes and we would love to hear your ideas! Our team will need to gather keys details from you so that we can deeply understand the design brief and your budget. 

What are the standard ceiling heights?

Our standard ceiling heights are 2.7m for living modules. Very often the ceiling heights are adjusted depending on the site conditions. 

What is the standard module size?

Our studio model size are 6.0 x 6.0 m and can be combined with infinite possibilities to fit our clients’s needs. This 36 m2 area format ensures the most cost effective result while providing an unique living experience.

Our MINI model size are based on a 6.0 x 3.4 m.

Can I add more modules to my home in the future?

Yes absolutely ! The flexibility of the modular design process ensures we can comfortably add to your home at a later date.


What is the construction and installation time for my project?

The average construction time for a PURE home is around 8 to 12 weeks. 

Can we install a Septic Tank?

Yes we can, most sites are able to accommodate a septic tank system.

Can we install Solar Power?

Yes ! We work with energy specialist to provide you the best solar panel solution fitted to your new home.

Can you build off the grid completely?

Yes. Self-sustaining features can be included throughout our houses including extensive rainwater tanks, solar cells, Tesla battery storage, and generators.

What happens if I need Town Planning?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. PURE offers a complete service and you will be assisted through the process by our team for any sites requiring Town Planning. We can prepare the Town Planning package and application, and submit it to the council on your behalf. We’ll liaise with the council and keep you updated throughout.